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Why Men Feel Forgotten – And Women Never Forget Helen Fisher -Health

Many times I’ve started reminiscing about a vacation we shared with a lover, a movie we saw, or a trip we took—only to discover how little he remembers the event.

I could remember what I wore, what I discussed, where I went, even what I ate, all were obscure to him. And they were very intelligent and kind people; By no means naughty.

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I enjoy this feature: remember. But I must admit, there are things I prefer to forget.

While I often dwell on what I did or said years ago, many men seem to live in the here and now. And it’s not hard to blame one area of ​​the brain: the hippocampus. A primary part of the memory system is filled with receptors for estrogen – essentially the female hormone.

So, it is not undesirable to remember women more than men. After all, we can hold a grudge. And we are not alone.

I know of a female chimpanzee who harbored a grudge for over 20 years. While walking with her baby in the woods one morning, a deranged neighbor took her baby for slaughter, as he had done with others. The seasoned mother rescued her wailing child, and bore a life-long enmity to the thief.

Like female chimpanzees, ancestral women had to remember smaller crimes over the years, as they struggled to raise their helpless young.



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