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For all the early talk about the Raiders being interested in pursuing a trade for Aaron Rodgers, signing a player like Jimmy Garoppolo always made more sense.

Garoppolo was a bargain, signing a three-year, $72.75 million deal with $34 million guaranteed.

Garoppolo already has shown he's a team player when it comes to being a bridge quarterback -- he was willing to do it in San Francisco when the 49ers drafted Trey Lance two years ago -- and he's won a lot of games in his career.

The key, of course, is whether Garoppolo can stay healthy.

 It's a sexy trade for all the obvious reasons.

 Ramsey's arrival also will help the Dolphins get over the disappointment that was former cornerback Byron Jones, who never lived up to the huge contract he received in free agency in 2020.

The entire league is still waiting to see what happens with Aaron Rodgers and a possible trade from Green Bay to the New York Jets.