Combine Quick Hits: Fellow Buckeyes QB Emulating Burrow; Local Knowledge For Bengals As NFL Mulls TEs

MIC'D UP: Of course, Whyle isn't the only tight end prospect who grew up watching the Ochos expected to go early.

 "I remember being a Bengals fan, and I remember Ochocinco and T.J. Houshmandzadeh and boys like that just going out there and doing their thing and having fun playing football," Mayer told the combine media Friday. "

 And the answer was, 'We're not going to change anything.'

 We're going to stick to our standard, stick to our execution, same amount of periods every day.

 We kind of turned the season around, and I feel like we had a pretty positive season."

I feel like I could have won Heismans back-to-back if I win those two games. But I think it's part of God's plan and I don't question that."

"And of course, not winning the Heisman (Trophy) was I feel because of those losses. That kind of hurts.