Bebe Rexha Is Throwing a ’70s Eurodance Party With Guests Dolly Parton, Snoop Dogg

 The 1970s — synonymous with great female singer-songwriters and the precursor to Eurodance – represent everything Bebe Rexha had envisioned herself proclaiming to the world with her third and self-titled studio album that arrives today via Warner Records.

 Add a healthy dose of dance-pop melodies, guest verses from Dolly Parton and a song with Snoop Dogg about getting “higher than a satellite,” and you’ve got “Bebe” — a 12-song set that paints a vibrant tribute to the glitter of the ’70s.

 There’s going to be a lot of fun segments… a lot of like older music from my old EPs like ‘All Your Fault: Pt.

 “The song was such a big moment, and it needed to be on the album but we needed to see where it would fit within the music that had more of a 70s flavor,” she says. “‘

 I understood completely, and the gesture was so thoughtful.

 She’s set to debut a collaboration PNAU and Ozuna called “Stars” in May, followed by the official release of “If Only I,” a single she previewed during her guest slot with DJ duo Two Friends at Coachella.

I love the dynamic we have… seeing how involved they are and how passionate they are about my music means everything.”