Together, John Cena and Jason Momoa create the exciting new action comedy “Killer Vacation.”

For an upcoming Warner Bros. action comedy movie, two of Hollywood’s biggest action performers, John Cena and Jason Momoa, are officially teaming together. The film, Killer Vacation, stars ripped performers in a boisterous narrative that ostensibly depicts a vacation gone wrong.

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On the set of the upcoming Fast and Furious franchise finales, Cena and Momoa got acquainted for the first time. Warner Bros. has mostly kept the plot’s specifics under wraps, but many involved have likened it to the entertaining escapades of True Lies and The Killer. According to reports, Mark and Brian Gunn wrote the script, and John Rickard and Peter Safran will produce it. Before Safran and Gunn assumed control of Warner Bros. DC Films Unit, the movie had already been packaged and set.

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Both Cena and Momoa are experienced actors who have worked on Warner Bros. films; Momoa is the DC franchise’s Aquaman as well as Dune’s main character. Safran and Momoa previously collaborated on the production of Aquaman. Cena has his own HBO Max spinoff, Peacemaker, and he has acted in The Suicide Squad. When this movie will be released is presently unknown.


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