Three people are detained by Palm Beach Police in connection with a weekend crash in Midtown.

In connection with a crash that occurred early on Saturday in Palm Beach and left a modest scene of devastation in Midtown, three people are being charged.

Three people are detained by Palm Beach Police in connection with a weekend crash in Midtown.
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Three people are detained by Palm Beach Police in connection with a weekend crash in Midtown.

According to arrest affidavits, the three were in a red Hyundai with another passen

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According to the affidavits, the police officer who stopped the car could smell marijuana inside and saw what appeared to be marijuana there. The 36-year-old driver and the other passengers were requested to exit the vehicle by the police. The motorist reportedly sped off while traveling south on Hibiscus Avenue when the officer questioned if there were any weapons in the vehicle.

The Hyundai was located driving west in the 100 block of Worth Avenue after the officer had pursued it. The Hyundai struck a pole before continuing to travel at a high rate of speed until it struck a wall and a stop sign at the junction of Peruvian and Hibiscus avenues. Police claimed that all four occupants of the automobile fled, leading them to build up a cordon around Midtown.

A 9-millimeter handgun was reportedly discovered on the ground outside the driver’s door of the Hyundai by the responding officers. According to the reports, they also discovered a 9 mm magazine with three rounds of ammo on the passenger-side floorboard.

According to his arrest record, the 29-year-old male was detained after he contacted 911 from the 300 block of Hibiscus and informed police dispatchers he had been in a collision and that he had not done anything wrong. He was accused of loitering or prowling, having a weapon or ammunition in his possession while a criminal, and resisting an officer without using force. On Sunday, he was let out of the Palm Beach County Jail.

According to her arrest record, the 19-year-old woman’s father called the police after the collision to claim that his daughter had dropped her pocketbook while sprinting across a yard on the island. She was later detained by police as she attempted to cross the Royal Park Bridge to depart the island. She was arrested on charges of loitering or prowling and resisting an officer without using force, and she was let out of jail on Saturday.

Just after 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, the 36-year-old guy who was operating the Hyundai was taken into custody. According to his arrest report, police officers spotted the man heading east in the 100 block of Brazilian Avenue, and when one of them attempted to stop him, the man fled. The suspect leaped over a nearby locked driveway gate as the police pursued him in his car. A neighbor in the neighborhood called the police to say the man was on her property as officers searched for him. The man was discovered by the police hiding in the guesthouse’s shower.

Officers sawdust on the man’s arms and legs as he was taken into custody. Records reveal that when he told police he had been hiding out in a nearby building site, they were able to identify it as a house on the 100 block of Royal Palm Way. A resident who claimed to have heard a noise and seen a shadow in her yard earlier that morning called Palm Beach police shortly after he was taken into custody. She informed the police that she later discovered a damaged door handle on the exterior of her home. According to the arrest report, the individual admitted to breaking the door handle while evading police and looking for a place to hide.

Among the allegations against him is unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, unarmed burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, nonviolent resistance to an officer, evading or escaping the police, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving while under suspension. Records show that he was still being held Monday on a $9,000 bond.

The fourth occupant of the Hyundai wasn’t detained.

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