Theres A Lot of Interest in Harry Potter Series

There is “a tremendous amount of ambition” for a Harry Potter TV series, according to Channing Dungey, the head of Warner Bros. TV group.

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There is “A Lot of Interest,” according to Warner Bros. TV President Channing Dungey, in the Harry Potter series.

Following the popularity of the Harry Potter reunion and “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses,” a competition show hosted by Helen Mirren, Dungey responded to Variety’s query about whether a TV project based in the wizarding world might be in the works by saying “there’s a lot of interest and lot of passion for it” and that the company was speaking to a number of parties about it.
Dungey continued, “You see how the audience is so involved and so ready.” He was referring to the unscripted Harry Potter specials.

At the U.K. TV conference Content London, Dungey spoke on a variety of industry-related topics, including shrinking budgets and skyrocketing star prices.

Regarding the actors, she added, “I think the other tough thing is expectations today what you’re paying people in the various roles.” “[That] has just kept rising, which then has an impact on your bottom line. And that makes it challenging. I believe for a long there was a belief that a project needed to have a certain level of name recognition in order to be successful. That was altering, according to Dungey, along with the dependence on tried-and-true IP.

She also referred to the industry’s retreat during the previous year from using streaming subscribers as a metric for success as “The great Netflix adjustment,” asserting that the parameters by which success is defined are shifting.

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