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The world’s most advanced squirt gun is now even more capable -Tc

We were big fans of the original. Spyra One when it debuted in the summer of 2018 with two features never seen before in water pistols: it fired concentrated bursts of water, the equivalent of liquid bullets, and could be reloaded when inserted into a bucket of water. Its creators are back with the fourth iteration of Spyra, with new features taking water gun battles to the next level.

In 2021, the SpyraTwo debuted, which did just about everything better than the original with a slightly longer range, faster reloads, and a longer battery life that allows twice as many shots between charges. More importantly, unlike the original, the SpyraTwo was not constantly leaking and drenches both the user and their target. A year later, Spyra presented the SpyraLX, who managed to cut the $174 price of the SpyraTwo nearly in half by swapping out the batteries and electric motors for a hand pumped handle on the back that was used to fill the blaster and shoot it.

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The fourth addition to the Spyra family (although the original version can no longer be purchased) is the SpyraThree, which is the most expensive model to date at $179. It carries along the same features as the SpyraTwo, including easy filling by simply dipping the barrel end into a bucket of water and pushing the trigger forward (that activates its built-in pump). The SpyraThree is promised to fire single bursts of water up to 32 feet, or closer to 50 feet with the PowerShot option loaded which uses much more water.

Close up of the game modes switch on a blue SpyraThree water blaster against a white background.

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The SpyraThree also has an LCD screen that shows the remaining capacity of its water tank and the level of battery charge, and users can expect to be able to shoot about 22 regular bursts of water before the tank needs a recharge. What sets the SpyraThree apart from older models are three new modes, selectable with a three-way switch, that promise to make water gun fights more challenging.

Open mode makes the SpyraThree work like previous models, firing single bursts each time the trigger is pulled. Burst mode fires three consecutive bursts of water each time the trigger is pulled, draining the water tank faster. And then there’s League mode, which limits the rate of fire with forced pauses that simulate reloads, and it also enables the PowerShot option with a bigger explosion that flies even further. League mode could be better in a rules-focused, competitive environment. atmosphere.

A pair of SpyraThree water pistols with a red and blue finish on a white background.

Image: spyra

The $179 SpyraThree can be purchased individually with a red or blue finish, but it’s also available in a red and blue two-pack for $336.52, which will save you a few bucks if you and a friend want to wrestle. Personally, I would only suggest that you show up to a water gun fight without letting anyone else know that you have a $179 water gun with you. It won’t be fair, but it will definitely be fun.



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