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‘The biggest blow of my life’ -Health

There is a part of grade school that most people live in tick tock They want to block if they can: something has to be done Kuman.

According to Company websiteThe Kuman Method of Learning is a worksheet-based study program “designed to help anyone child Any skills in math and reading subjects progress to their highest potential and become enthusiastic learners.

Although it is an optional program done outside of school, it has multiple learning centers around the world where students can go after school or on weekends to sharpen their skills.

But according to most people tick tockIt was the worst kind.

“Raise your hand if you’ve been victimized by Kumon,” he wrote @pmanda_ After they shared a video while visiting Kuman’s location in England.

That alone started a flood of responses from others who apparently felt the same way.

“I was a victim of Kumon,” one man confirmed.

“Biggest trauma of my life,” said another.

“Cummon is the most frustrating thing you can do to your child,” declared another.

The program made quite an impression on people – some of whom said their parents would “threaten” them with Kuman worksheets or even make them take the worksheets on vacation. One person called it “hell”.

One TikToker commented, “Whenever I see one in the wild I cry in despair.

“I was hurt by the 2 hours it took me every evening, not to mention the 3 hours I had to go to the little church every Thursday for my stickers,” said another.

But not everyone’s learning program had it. Some people say it has helped them.

“Okay I hate it but I won’t lie it really helped with my math skills,” admitted one person.

“It really works if the student puts effort into it,” wrote another, adding that the program “meets you where you are.”

Another said that is the only reason they have today’s math skills.

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