Suspect surrenders after barricading inside hotel following bank robbery in Greenwood Village

After a Thursday bank heist and a three-hour standoff, a man is now under arrest.

After a bank robbery suspect and officers exchanged gunfire in Greenwood Village, other law enforcement agencies arrived. The FBI and Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office joined the police.

According to allegations of a bank robbery in process, police were dispatched to the Key Bank at 9250 E. Arapahoe Road around 10:45 a.m.

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When the suspect approached Leo McMillan, who was working at the Key bank, he requested to take him to the safe

He simply approached me from behind, drew a revolver, and ordered me to escort him to the vault, according to McMillan. He mentioned blowing our brains out and how no one would ever discover us there.

The guy took the cash and left the bank, but on the way out, he collided with a deputy.

“He exuded a lot of arrogance while doing it. Like he was confident that he wouldn’t be discovered. But I believe he didn’t give it much attention when he planned it “Mclean stated

Gunfire was exchanged after the suspect fired shots at a deputy as an officer tried to make contact with him.
The police pursued the fleeing suspect as he was seen sprinting inside the nearby Extended Stay, where the suspect had barricaded himself inside. The suspect, according to the authorities, was lodging at the hotel.

The motel was encircled by police, who made contact with the suspect. There was an activated reverse 911 situation. Police thought that the best course of action in the scenario was to wait it out.

“No deadlines are established by us. Our objective is to obtain a calm surrender, “An officer from Greenwood Village said.

The suspect turned himself in to the police hours later, but the victims are still dealing with the trauma. I’ll be thinking about that tonight and for a short while, I know in my head, McMillan said.

The FBI is also looking into the suspect for further robberies in the vicinity, according to the police, who claim no one was wounded during the event.

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