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Spanish star Ana Obregón reveals that her baby is her biological granddaughter -Et


April 6, 2023 | 7:43 a.m.

Spanish television star Ana Obregón has revealed that the baby she received through surrogacy is actually her granddaughter.

The 68-year-old actress. He said hello! magazine on Wednesday that the girl’s father is her deceased son, Aless Lequio García, 27, who died of cancer in 2020.

“This girl is not my daughter, she is my granddaughter,” she told the Baby Ana Sandra outlet. “This was Aless’s dying wish, to bring a child of her own into the world.”

Before his son’s death, Obregón said Aless was encouraged to save samples of his sperm before starting cancer treatment after wanting to be a father.

The samples were frozen and stored in New York, he said, as surrogacy of any kind is an illegal practice in Spain.

The actress said that the baby was conceived in June 2022 and was born on March 20, 2023 in Miami.

The child will be registered at the Spanish consulate in the United States before the couple flies to Madrid.

Taking to Instagram, Obregón shared a photo from her Hello! magazine cover along with a heartfelt message for her late son.

“My Aless, I swore that I would save you from cancer and I failed you. I promised you that I would bring your daughter into the world and here she is in my arms, ”she said, according to the Instagram translation.

“I swear that I will take care of her with the infinite love that I have to give and you will help me from heaven,” added Obregón. “You are the love of my life in heaven and your daughter is the love of my life on earth.”

Ana Obregón revealed that the girl’s father is her late son, Aless Lequio García, who died of cancer in 2020.
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The arrival of the baby was embroiled in a fierce debate last week after Obregón revealed that he had received the child through surrogacy.

Although surrogacy of any kind is prohibited in Spain, many people decide to go abroad and take in the children by practicing this way.

The socialite has more than 60 acting credits and made an appearance on the hit show “The A-Team.”

“A light full of love entered my darkness. I will never be alone again,” she captioned the post. “I’M ALIVE AGAIN”.

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