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Sagamore Bridge Construction Photos: Stagnant Traffic, Difficult Walks -Health

war photographer Robert Capa Says, “If your pictures are good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Created by Capa D-Day Landing with soldiers in between Normandy And his entire film career had a front-row seat to history. With that enthusiasm, I took on far less dangerous, but still heartbreaking adventures, walking back and forth. Sagamore BridgeNow under construction.

Anyone within a 500-mile radius Cape Cod Familiar with this famous structure. Built in 1933, this venerable old steel girder arch is often the first and last chapter of any Cape Cod vacation and is usually not a good read. It has become famous for year-round traffic jams.

Compressor hoses, shovels and brooms fill the road along with piles of jackhammered pavement as crews repair the old Sagamore Bridge, now reduced to one lane in each direction, reducing morning traffic.

When then- Govt. Mitt Romney promised to tear up the old Sagamore rotary on the mainland, hoping traffic would flow faster. I was there on December 3, 2004 when the governor picked up a jackhammer he thought was off and posed for a line-up of media.

But it was on. He pulled the lever and sprayed the photo crew with concrete shrapnel—indeed, the best groundbreaking I’ve ever covered.



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