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ROH Supercard of Honor 2023 live results: Castagnoli vs. kingston plus -Et

the night for Hono SuperCardR is here. ROH put together a show with the potential to be the best of 2023 of all of Tony Khan’s wrestling properties. Eddie Kingston aims to make his dream of winning a world championship come true, Mark Briscoe plans to fulfill his destiny of winning the TV title, the new tag team champions will be crowned by reaching for the sky in a ladder match, Japanese legends are on the home, and more.

SuperCard of Honor goes live at 7 p.m. ET on Friday, March 31, 2023. The PPV will air on Bleach Report in the United States and fit tv for the rest of the world

Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.


Previous show

•Jeff Cobb definitely Tracy Williams via pinfall after Tour of the Islands

• Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome the third man to their booth tonight: former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness!

• Konosuke Takeshita definitely Willie Mack by pinfall after a running knee. This was as good as expected.

• Willow Mockingbird definitely Miranda Alize via pinfall with a powerbomb

• Stu Grayson definitely Slim J via pinfall with the Nightfall backbreaker after Evil Uno finally took on Smart Mark Sterling

• After the match, Dutch and Vincent of The Righteous (who at one point had been rumored to be working with Bray Wyatt in WWE) return. They strut around the stage while the Dark Order guys look on from the ring.


son of the viking vs. Komander via pinfall after a 630 senton to retain the AAA Mega Championship

Well deserved chants of “Esto es lucha” as these two made the most of their performance. Komander ran along the top rope to hit a stopper on the ground, and Vikingo fired off some sort of Super Canadian Destroyer, and then a springboard 630 onto a table (where the table didn’t break). Komander hit his Hidden Ace finisher, but the champion grabbed the bottom rope before the count of three. They got back on top where Vikingo hit a super sideslam, then the finisher from him. The two men adhered to the Honor Code and hugged after the bell.

The Embassy (Brian Cage, Kaun and Toa Liona) definitely Metalik, Blake Christian and AR Fox to retain the ROH Six-Man titles. With everyone else busy/incapacitated on the outside, Cage slammed Drillclaw onto Metalik and pinned him. The power of the champions was too much for the high-flying challengers.

• A newly designed women’s title is displayed for our next match.

athena definitely yuka sakazaki via pinfall after O-Face to retain the ROH Women’s World Championship

Sakazaki came in selling a neck injury, and after digging to the outside early in the match, the announcers played through a potential head injury to go with him. The sadistic champion took aim at the box, but of course the TJPW star fought back for a few knockdowns. She showed her fighting spirit, but to no avail.

samoa joe definitely Mark Briscoe by referee stoppage to retain the ROH World Television title

Briscoe came out hot, motivated by a loud chant of “Dem Boys” early. That momentum led to some characteristically reckless attacks that Joe parried with his own quick burst of power. Joe brought a chair that Briscoe used for his step-up senton (she later kissed one of his sons at ringside). He set up a table that he eventually pushed Joe into. It made Joe’s nose bleed, but he couldn’t lock it up. Mark looks for a tag, but of course his late brother isn’t there. He still seems to turn Briscoe on, and he survived Joe’s power to hit a Froggy Bow… one, two, NO! He can’t convince Joe for the Jay Driller or a Cut-Throat Driver. Joe with a choke, and when Mark keeps his arm up, he throws him out of the hold, before blocking him again. The champion lures Briscoe in for a meaningful show of respect afterwards. Mark spends time with Pugh’s extended family at ringside before leaving to a standing ovation.

Hiroshi Tanahashi definitely Daniel Garcia via pinfall after High Fly Flow

Ace is in control from the start, allowing him to blow up the crowd with an air guitar. Garcia grabs those gorgeous locks to start turning the tide and does his own dance taunt before stretching out with him in the driver’s seat. Tanahashi fights back and probably messages Chris Jericho with a Liontamer. The sportscaster responded with a Shinsuke Nakamura impersonation, and aimed for Tana’s bad knees throughout and controlled much of the action, but when a piledriver missed, it led to a slingshot and finish. Garcia declines a handshake afterwards.

fight bros definitely Rush & Dralistico, The Kingdom, Top Flight & Aussie Open in the Reach for the Sky ladder match to win the ROH World Tag Team Champions

The expected madness, with a variety of Dem Boys tributes such as The Kingdom hitting one of the Darius Martins with the electric chair, the first being used against The Briscoes in 2015. Top Flight were central to the action as the commentary team played with brother teams involved. One particularly brutal stretch saw Dralistico send Kyle Fletcher through the announce table, then Matt Taven splashing Dralistico through a ladder. That was followed by a Darius Martin vs. Lucha Bros sequence which ended with Penta and Martin going through four tables on the floor from a ladder set up between the top rope and another ladder (Martin sustained a nasty looking leg injury taking this , further here). Fenix ​​found himself on the ladder with Taven and Mike Bennett, but he fought them off and took the belts.

• Mark Briscoe and FTR came out to share a moment in honor of Jay and celebrate with the new champions. The Kingdom joined them when the announce team reminded us that they and the Dem Boys held up to the last days of the Sinclair era.

katsuyori shibata definitely Wheeler Yuta via pinfall after a PK to become the new ROH Pure champion

Yuta was joined on stage by his Blackpool Combat Club teammate Jon Moxley, but Mox returned to the back after meeting the judges: Christopher Daniels, Madison Rayne and Pat Buck. The thing was, Wheeler was in over his head, having to resort to a low blow while the ref’s back was turned and getting a clenched-fist warning. Shibata was not impressed with Yuta’s attacks and forced him to submit which led him to use his ropes to break himself. The end came after the wrestler dropped the youngster with a chokehold. Mad to see Shibata as an active champion after he almost died in 2017. Yuta refused to adhere to the Code of Honor after the match.

claudio castagnoli definitely Eddie Kingston via pinfall to retain the ROH world championship

I’m late in recapping this because I got sucked into the story, if that tells you anything. Kingston took the fight to the champion from the bell, but was sent to the outside by a big European uppercut. They did a great job of conveying how much they (or their characters, I hope) despise each other, and that Claudio isn’t as superior to Eddie as he thinks he is. Trash talk from each man was met with fists, and we got some amazing points like Castagnoli’s deadlift suplexing Kingston from the apron. The crowd got huge when Eddie kicked one out after a Neutralizer. He survived another big uppercut and countered Ricola’s bomb into a cover, but Claudio stepped in with one of his own for the win.

• Wheeler Yuta came out and he and Claudio cornered Eddie, which brought up the new PURE Champion Katsuyori Shibata. He followed with a look down and a pose/animation, then heels off. Kingston took the mic for a lot of cursing, cheers to Shibata and Tanahashi, then vowed to smack Castagnoli’s ass and take the title from him when the broadcast ended.

That’s the show folks.

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