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Ragnarok gets New Game Plus with nice new features -Tc

Sony’s top-grossing game of 2022 didn’t have a New Game+ mode when it launched last fall, but now it does. He god of war ragnarokng+ update adds new bosses, perks, armor, combat arena options, and an increased level cap. The mode also gives you the ability to skip scenes, in case you want to play a story-based game as efficiently as possible (monster).

Here are all the new things you will find in your future ragnarok careers.

tougher bosses

The Hateful and Ormstunga will have “new tricks” when you fight them again. The developers do not go into detail about what they are. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t run into them without finding out what their trick is.

Give Me No Mercy and Give Me God of War difficulties will equip bosses with runic armor. Even the Give Me No Mercy mode will allow enemies to randomly transform into Elites while playing NG+.

new armor

All players starting NG+ will receive the Black Bear Armor, which grants Kratos strength and defense bonuses. He also fires a wave of ice shards if you manage to evade enemy attacks at the right time. If you think you’re too tough for that, you can opt for the Spartan armor, which allows Kratos to fight his enemies without stats, perks, or any kind of undershirt.

If you want to change up your playstyle, the Ares armor is for more conservative players who appreciate more frequent health drops. Zeus armor increases damage taken while also providing massive offensive bonuses. Both sets of armor can be picked up at the Huldra Brothers Shop. You’ll have to pay for them with Hacksilver, so save up!

You can also dye certain armor with new dyes.

Screenshot: sony

increased level cap

Stronger enemies have a higher level cap in NG+, but the game compensates for the increased difficulty by also upgrading your max level and gear. You can convert your level nine equipment into more powerful NG+ versions and you will receive gold coins for doing so. These can be spent in the shop for better enchantments.

Progression caps have also been increased for mods, labors, and stats.

negative benefits

Instead of empowering yourself with beneficial abilities, you can weaken Kratos with “charge” buffs. One of those charges gives him the “frost” status effect every time he rolls, causing him to move much slower. The developers recommend combining loadouts with Spartan Armor if you want a challenging run. You can buy these charges at the brothers’ shop.

Expanded combat arena

The Sparring Arena is a challenge mode in which Kratos battles waves of enemies for rewards. You will find new enemies in the ring and you have the option to fight as Atreus. You can also make your companions fight with you. These companions include Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Ingrid, Thor, and Thrúd.



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