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Princess connect! The game Re: Dive April Fool’s returns for 10 days – Interest -Tc

Fan-favorite character Sheffy joins the Pricone! Great teachers game for his second career

Last year, the Princess connect! Re: diving The smartphone game released surprisingly high-effort gameplay for an April Fool’s joke. Pricone! Great teachers was a charming auto-battle PvP game with 3D models of 58 characters from the original game. The game was only available for a week, but the good news for fans is that it’s back this year, and with new content to boot.

Fan-favorite character Sheffy will be joining the game for her second run, which launched today on the game’s server in Japan and will be available for 10 days. Lower-rarity characters Yuni, Chieru, and Chloe from the Friendship Club also join the fray.

The games Youtube account is streaming a promo video showing auto-battler gameplay:

Unfortunately, the game will not be available in the global version, which will end the service on April 30.

Cygames announced the game as a sequel to cyber agent and CygamesPrincess connect! smartphone game in 2016. The game was released in February 2018. The global version was released in 2021.

The anime’s first season premiered in Japan in April 2020, and the second season premiered on January 10. crunchyroll aired both seasons as they aired, and crunchyroll Games is publishing the global version of the game.

Sources: moca news, Princess connect! Re: diving website



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