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Polio Warning Billboard in Israel Sent to NY Orthodox Jewish Area -Health

The state clamped down on mobile billboards proclaiming “polio is spreading in Israel” after elected officials and Orthodox Jewish leaders criticized the polio vaccination drive for anti-Semitism.

Billboard trucks, commissioned to mark Passover, have been seen traveling through the large Orthodox Jewish population in Rockland and other areas of the state.

After hearing backlash from mobile van ads aimed at reaching New Yorkers to spread polio to their communities, the department immediately pulled those ads, said Sam Miller, New York’s associate commissioner for external affairs. York State Department of Health.

Rockland County was diagnosed with polio for the first time in decades in July 2022, when a 20-year-old man was permanently paralyzed by the virus. He was never vaccinated against polio.

Israel’s health ministry confirmed this month that four children had contracted polio, including an 8-year-old who was paralyzed by the virus in February.

From state and warning US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Israel, as well as England, Ukraine and other international locations have listed concerns about the polio virus being active in wastewater tests.

Rockland County spokeswoman Beth Cefalu said county officials were not aware of the billboard until a reporter contacted them. He called them “sensitive”.



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