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Pokémon Go Players Say A Heartfelt Goodbye Before Deleting The Game Forever -Tc

Published: 2023-04-01T21:56:51

Updated: 2023-04-01T22:01:03

Pokémon Go players have said goodbye and thanked the community before some remove the app and leave the mobile game for good.

For those who missed the news, Pokémon Go developer Niantic recently announced plans to change how remote passes and raids work.

This announcement was met with an overwhelming reaction from the community, with fans threatening another boycott and even creating a petition for Niantic to reverse the decision.

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Now, some have even started gathering online to say goodbye to the community as they plan to delete their Pokemon Go accounts or apps before the April 6 update.

TO mail in pokemon go subreddit gained steam after one user wrote a lengthy statement about why they were leaving the mobile game behind in a post titled “For those leaving the game permanently before April 6th, don’t forget to say thank you to the community.”

The OP opened the post by thanking the community and reminiscing about the fun times they had playing the game in the past, but made sure to call out Niantic and their recent controversial changes.

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Unsurprisingly, some trainers in the answers echoed the sentiments expressed by the OP and stated that they might as well leave the game for good. “I’m also leaving due to the changes to remote raids. I’m not mad at Niantic, I’ve made my peace with the situation.”

Some trainers said they would go ahead, but could end up coming back to the game if the changes are reverted in the future. Thanks for a fun time guys! I’ll be back if they revert some of their changes because I really like collecting shiny and going to battle league.”

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Others were understandably hesitant about leaving Pokémon Go behind, as they still had things they wanted to do in the game. “Thank you guys so much. I’m still deciding if I’m going to delete or not, I’m f2p and rural so obviously f*ck Niantic, but I have goals for pogo that I’ll never be able to reach if I do…”

It is clear that the changes that Niantic has decided to implement do not sit well with many players. While it’s unlikely fans will get a definitive number on how many players are actually leaving when the Remote Raid changes go into effect on April 6, there are certainly a few who will be leaving Pokémon Go.

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