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Oscar Winner Sarah Polley Was Told To Return To Oscar In April Fool’s Day Prank – Deadline -Et

Recent Oscar winner Sarah Polley revealed her huge surprise on Saturday morning to receive a letter saying she had won her award by mistake and needed to mail it to the Academy.

The Canadian filmmaker, who won the award for best adapted screenplay for women talking last month, he was told:

“It is with the deepest regret that we tell you this: the Oscar you received was delivered in error.”

The letter asked her to “mail it” to California, saying she could keep the prize for one more week so she could “enjoy its presence” at her home, before it went to the “rightful winner.” All calm on the west front.”

The letter said that the organizers had realized their mistake that night, but wanted to avoid another The La Land/Moonlight mistake on camera.

And then… Polley discovered that the letter had not come from the Academy, but from her 11-year-old son, in an extremely effective April Fool’s prank.

As Polley said in the letter she shared on Twitter yesterday, her son “swayed a lot” this year…



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