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Gwyneth Paltrow trial live: Goop mogul wins $1 in damages as she whispers final message to ski accident accuser -Et

Shae Sanderson accuses Gwyneth Paltrow of ‘ignoring’ her father in ski mountaineering accident

Jurors in Gwyneth Paltrow’s explosive trial have found she was not at fault for a 2016 skiing collision.

The case dragged on for years after retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, 76, brought the allegations against Paltrow in a 2019 lawsuit. Sanderson claimed the Hollywood star crashed into him on the slopes of the luxurious Deer Valley Resort near Park City, Utah on February 26, 2016.

On Thursday, jurors returned a verdict in favor of Ms. Paltrow after just over two hours of deliberation, effectively awarding Ms. Paltrow a token dollar. They found that Mr. Sanderson, who was seeking $300,000 in damages, was 100% at fault for the ski accident.

Sanderson had argued in court that the collision left him with a permanent traumatic brain injury that deprived him of “his enjoyment for life.”

During closing arguments Thursday, Sanderson’s attorney, Lawrence Buhler, suggested that jurors consider awarding his client $33 for every hour he has suffered from cognitive impairment since the accident seven years ago, and for the ten years since the accident. esteem will live

Meanwhile, defense attorney Steven Owens told the court that his client was a “punching bag” to Sanderson and his family throughout the entire process.


Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow whispers final message to ski accident accuser after winning lawsuit

Gwyneth Paltrow whispers final message to ski accident accuser after winning lawsuit

Hirwani PeonyMarch 31, 2023 08:30


The lawyer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s accuser uses a made-up equation to claim that the actor owes the client $33 an hour, $3.2 million in total, for injuries from skiing accidents.

But despite his arguments, jurors found Terry Sanderson “100% guilty of the accident.”

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 08:00


Prada Boots & The Row Coat: 6 Times Gwyneth Paltrow Nailed Courtroom Chic

The Goop founder won her ski crash test, but garnered just as much attention for her “stealthy luxury” wardrobe.

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 07:00


Gwyneth Paltrow was cleared of all fault in a 2016 US ski accident lawsuit brought by retired optometrist Terry Sanderson.

Following a high-profile two-week trial in Utah, jurors returned a verdict in favor of the Oscar-winning actress after just over two hours.

Sanderson had sued Paltrow over the collision at Utah’s Deer Valley ski resort more than seven years ago, which left him with multiple broken ribs and serious head injuries.

She had denied the claim and accused Mr Sanderson of crashing into her, causing her to miss “half a day of skiing” with her family and feel “sore”.

On Thursday, jurors assigned Mr. Sanderson “100%” fault for the accident and found him liable for the injuries Ms. Paltrow suffered.

They awarded the actress her “token” counterclaim of one dollar in damages.

Ms. Paltrow and Mr. Sanderson, who testified during the trial, were present in court for the verdict.

The actress was dressed in a blue blazer, with a white shirt and brown pants, and did not seem to react when the verdict was delivered, but let out a long breath.

As he left the courtroom, he tapped Mr. Sanderson on the shoulder and whispered to him.

She previously said she was “very sorry” about the deterioration in her health after the incident, but maintained that it was not her “fault” and said she had been the “victim”.

Sanderson’s lawyers previously suggested that the jury award him more than $3 million in damages in the case.

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 06:00


LOOK: Gwyneth Paltrow questioned about friendship with Taylor Swift in ski accident trial

Gwyneth Paltrow Questioned About Friendship With Taylor Swift In Ski Accident Trial

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 05:00


Gwyneth Paltrow was not at fault in skiing accident, jury finds

The jury found that Terry Sanderson was at fault for the collision with Ms. Paltrow on the slopes of the luxurious Deer Valley Resort near Park City, Utah, on February 26, 2016.

The decision comes after two weeks of complex testimony from neurology and brain injury experts from both sides. Eyewitnesses, Deer Valley employees, Mrs. Paltrow’s sons Apple and Moses, and Mr. Sanderson’s daughters also testified under oath.

The verdict effectively awards Ms. Paltrow a token dollar.

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 04:00



Asked as he left court what factors had determined the outcome, he said: “It should have been the facts of the accident, because they gave the absolute truth about the accident. There was no reason to deviate from that and still won’t, and I brought it in for that reason.

“I wanted to see if justice prevails in those situations, but it turns into a character assassination…it turns into things that you thought were long gone in your life, things from thirty years ago, forty years ago, that shouldn’t be. make sense”.

He added: “You get some assumed credibility from being a famous person… who wants to go up against a celebrity? I rightly doubted. It’s hard. Who wants to do that (against) someone who learns lines, learns to play someone else’s role and be believable, be believable, win awards? Who wants to go that way? Pressed on whether he believes Paltrow was lying, he said: “I think she thinks she has the truth… but I absolutely know I said she wouldn’t bring any falsehood.”

He said he was “very disappointed” by the verdict, but thought it was “very kind” of Paltrow to wish him well after the verdict.

i doddsMarch 31, 2023 03:49


Sanderson jokes that he will go to Disneyland next

Speaking to reporters assembled after the trial, Sanderson said he wasn’t sure the lawsuit would be worth it, arguing that people naturally tend to believe in celebrities like Paltrow.

“You get a certain assumed credibility from being a famous person,” he said, according to AP. “Seriously, who wants to take on a celebrity?”

online mail described Sanderson as “discouraged” but standing by his version of events. When asked what he plans to do next, he joked, “Maybe Disneyland!”

Sanderson’s extensive travel abroad before and after the skiing accident was a key issue in the lawsuit, in which Paltrow’s lawyers sought to show that his injuries were not as life-changing as he claimed.

i doddsMarch 31, 2023 03:35


‘Wish you all the best’

What did Gwyneth Paltrow say to Terry Sanderson as he left the evidence room?

Court photos showed the star leaning in close to his former opponent and saying one last message, sparking speculation about what he said.

According to Associated PressSanderson told reporters that she touched his shoulder and whispered, “I wish you the best.” She said she replied, “Thank you, dear.”

i doddsMarch 31, 2023 03:19


Why does Latino actor John Leguizamo want to play Gwyneth Paltrow in a ski accident trial movie?

John Leguizamo joked if “white people can take on Latino roles” then he wants to play Gwyneth Paltrow in the ski accident trial movie.

Speaking of the Latino underrepresentation in Hollywood, the 62-year-old actor said it’s wrong to cast non-Latino actors for Latino roles.

andrea whiteMarch 31, 2023 03:00



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