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Delay in NASA’s VERITAS mission is a major setback for Venus exploration -Se

Delays in the first of three long-awaited Venus return missions, which scientists say have not had enough robotic visitors in past decades, could affect two other missions set to explore our planetary neighbor.

NASA pushed back late last year Veritas (or Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, INSAR, Topography and Spectroscopy) mission, originally scheduled to fly in 2027 to “inaugurate the decade of VenusNot before 2031. However, the White House’s 2024 budget proposal for NASA, announced in March 2023, keeps mission funding for VERITAS at just $1.5 million per year for the foreseeable future, calling the mission “deep freeze.” Because of NASA’s decision to use a large portion of the money that had supported the project’s engineering activities for other missions that were experiencing cost overruns, much of the VERITAS mission is now at a standstill. indefinite delay The mission’s engineering branch broke down, and scientists now worry about its impact on two other related missions to Venus.



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