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Bobby Lee says that history of prostitution in Tijuana is a joke, he did not sleep with a minor -Et

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Tijuana Prostitute Story’s Made Up, ‘Dark Joke’…

I did not have sex with a minor

bobby lee he is defending a controversial story he has repeated over the years about traveling to Tijuana for sex and paying for an underage prostitute; Seedy, to be sure, but he says it’s also total fiction.

Recently, the comedian came under fire on social media due to resurfaced clips from the Tijuana story… where the story goes that Bobby went to “hooker alley” and picked a young prostitute who seemed shy.

There are different versions of the story where the prostitute’s age differs, including one where Bobby says that the prostitute looked like a 13-year-old girl. Natalie Portman in “The Professional”… but all the stories end with him having sex with the young woman in a cheap hotel room.

Bobby finally responds to the backlash on the latest episode of his “TigerBelly” podcast… where he says, “At the end of the day, it’s not real and I didn’t do anything.”

The way Bobby explains things… He first told the joke on “Opie and Anthony,” the shock jock radio show of the day, and says the story was actually a combination of “a couple of jokes terribly dark.”

Bobby understands the current uproar, but says that when he first told the story of Tijuana, “he was encouraged to say crazy things without thinking about it” … and says “when I hear it now it gives me goosebumps.” my spine.”

He says his views changed with society and now he feels guilty about the story, which he describes as “terrible” and “stupid”.



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