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Bird flu makes its first appearance of the year in Minnesota -Health

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Bird flu has returned to Minnesota less than four months after the last poultry disease was detected in the state, the Board of Animal Health said Monday.

The detection of a mixed flock in a backyard in Le Sueur County, south-central Minnesota, has been confirmed, the board said. The site was isolated to prevent the spread of the disease and the 114 birds on the premises – mostly chickens – were destroyed.

The last previous detection in Minnesota was in a backyard swarm in southwest Minnesota’s Redwood County in December.

The board’s senior poultry veterinarian, Dr. Shauna Voss, said in a statement, “We were fortunate to be free of the virus in the last few months. “We anticipate the return of the virus and are bringing our partner resources back into the fight. We urge all bird owners to maintain their bio-security, especially in these next few months.”

The outbreak began last year, raising egg and chicken prices, and More than 58 million birds were forced to be slaughtered To limit the spread of the virus across the country. As the outbreak enters its second year, and the spring migration season for wild birds looms, there’s no end in sight. And the farmers can’t do anything Beyond the steps they have already taken To try to keep the virus at bay.

Officials say bird flu does not pose a significant threat to human health.

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