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Apple services are currently facing slowdowns and outages -Tc

Earlier this week, the Apple Weather app went offline for hours. And even after Apple said the issue was fixed, users have been complaining that the app is taking too long to display updated information. Now it seems that multiple Apple services like iCloud and iMessage are experiencing slowdowns and outages.

Apple services are slow or not working right now

Many 9to5Mac readers have told us they won’t be able to use Apple services on Wednesday night. The problem has been affecting iCloud, iMessage, Shortcuts, the App Store, and guess what, the Weather app. On Twitter, users have also complained today about problems with Apple services.

apple official System Status Web Page it does not yet recognize any interrupts in progress. However, fall detector It has also received several reports of services like iMessage currently down.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on at Apple, but the company clearly has major problems with its servers. This is the second time this week that the Weather app is down, and now the problem affects other services as well. As a result, users are unable to sync their files, send messages, or access their photos.

The company isn’t saying a word about when today’s outage should be fixed. We will update this article once Apple services are back online.

Were you affected by today’s blackout? Let us know in the comments section.

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