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Apple (re)invents the iPod | TechCrunch -Tc

Image Credits: Apple

Apple has come up with a pocket-sized companion that (hypothetically) does it all – music, videos AND books – without the annoying smartphone or clunky smartwatch. Cupertino, you are so close.

in a patent request Recently published by the US Patent Office, Apple outlined such a device, a headphone housing meets a pocket computer with a touch screen and the prerequisite for flipping through songs, watching movies, watching the weather or even navigate to somewhere via a mapping app. Put another way, time is a flat circle and Apple invented the iPod again.

Judging by the presentation, Apple tried to patent something it’s reminiscent of a small iPod Touch or iPod Nano, but with a corner to charge a pair of wireless headphones. This is just a patent applicationwhich means there’s currently no (zero!) indication that a supercharged AirPods case like this will ever exist beyond a few doodles.

Sure, the company could he’d be exploring such a device, given his well-established interest in smarter headphones. However, Apple may simply want to set up some metaphorical hurdles for competition through this presentation. In any case, an iPod renaissance? Sounds dreamy to me.

“The best thing about iPod is that you can take your entire music library with you, right in your pocket,” said Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. saying a millennium ago, in 2001. Since then, everything and nothing has changed; Music is arguably still the best thing about the iPhone, and it’s one of the reasons why iPod nostalgia springs up again and again, in the form of rogue application inspired by ipod; nostalgic tweets; to dummy smart watch accessory; movie cameo; letters to an editor; etc.

The iPod is dead, but our longing for devices that do less? That is still alive.



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