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27 Toxic Things That Lower Your Vibration -Health

When it comes to having a positive outlook on life, you have the greatest influence on your vibrational energy. Things like negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, and trauma can drain your energy, inspire negative emotions, and throw you out of vibrational alignment by having a huge impact on your immune system.

Raising your vibration can have a huge impact on your energy level, making you feel better and giving you access to higher frequencies that reduce any negative effects you may be experiencing.

In order for the human body to feel great, you must always operate at a high vibrational level. Unfortunately, there are things that lower your vibration that many of us do without even realizing it.

To raise your vibration, this means you need to identify and stop any habits that lower your vibration in the first place and prevent higher vibrations from being readily available to you.

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27 things that lower your vibration

1. You’re too invested in the news.

It’s important to stay aware of what’s going on in the world, but too much negative news can easily lower your vibration. Bad things are a part of life, but just because someone talks about them doesn’t mean you always have to stand at attention. Get news as needed and tune in often.

2. You often listen to sad music.

Many of us have heard super sad songs when going through something. You probably noticed that they didn’t do anything to make things better and probably made you feel worse. Music is energy and when we listen to sad music, we absorb that negativity, thereby lowering our vibration.

3. You watch too much trash or reality television.

Reality TV and entertainment dramas can hold your attention for hours, but at what cost? Even witnessing conflict and pain seeps into your soul and affects your emotions, spilling over into the real world.

TikToker Alexandra Steinmetz explains how watching “The Real Housewives” franchise influenced her:

4. You follow social media accounts obsessed with consumerism

It’s easy to see people paying to show off their expensive purchases on social media. But embracing so much consumerism can make you lose sight of what’s really important.

High vibration comes from a place of gratitude and when you are constantly comparing yourself to other people, you will never be truly grateful.

5. You are holding items with negative energy.

There are many items that can bring negative energy into your orbit. It could be old letters, memories of long-lost toxic family members, or anything that conjures up memories of an unexpected time. It’s time to let go of anything that can negatively affect your energy and welcome the things that uplift you.

6. You listen to too many true crime podcasts.

The real crime can be addiction. The whodunnit perspective can keep you on the edge of your seat, but without even realizing it, it can cause you to start embodying other people’s negative experiences and lower your vibration.

TikToker Alex Shin explains how watching “Murder Show” affected him:

7. You’re overcaffeinated.

Caffeine can be beneficial, giving you an energy boost at just the right time. But it also affects the brain and nervous system. Like any other drug or stimulant, when it’s good, you feel great, but once you start coming off, you’re tired, fatigued, and in a bad mood.

8. You are dehydrated.

Water is not only essential for survival, but you also need it to thrive. Drinking enough water is essential for all of your body’s basic functions, including energy production. Keep your body hydrated so that your cells function properly and your body’s energy flows smoothly.

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9. You have bad eating habits.

We all know how food and drink can affect how you feel. Nutrient-rich foods raise your vibration, while junk food undoubtedly lowers them. These unwanted substances include alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, sugary drinks and processed foods.

10. You’re not getting enough sleep.

Insomnia makes it difficult to get the most out of life. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re probably not vibrating at your highest point. Getting the eight hours of sleep you need is essential for health and healing as well as mental and emotional well-being.

11. You’re not paying attention to your body.

Our bodies are very good at letting us know when something is off. If you experience negative results like headaches, skin problems or sexual dysfunction, don’t ignore it. If this is not attributable to a medical problem, you may be vibrating at a low frequency and need to be corrected.

12. You’re out of shape.

A sedentary lifestyle has long been something that causes disorders and diseases. Daily movement can help the energy flow, removing what is not useful and keeping what is. Avoid stagnation by exercising daily.

13. You are stuck.

If you feel stuck, it’s hard to vibrate at your highest frequency. It’s time to process your emotions and release what’s been holding you back. Journaling can be inspiring to help you get out of the rut you find yourself in.

14. You surround yourself with toxic people.

Toxic people definitely hurt your energy and it’s important that you recognize them for what they are and beat them at their own games. By removing them from your life and refusing to interact, you will automatically welcome more positive energy into your space.

15. You are unable to ‘unplug’

Television, internet and social media have taken over our lives in recent years. As much as we love to see technological advances, our bodies aren’t meant to be tied to them all day. Spend time in nature to counteract the effects of constant technology exposure.

TikToker Jess Attridge shares her own experience with disconnecting from her vibration reduction:

16. You have no support system.

Feeling unsupported can lower your vibration. If you find yourself in need of support, reach out to friends, family or professionals and ask. Remove people from your life who don’t have the power to be there for you and watch your star rise.

17. You’re overcome with negative emotions.

You can’t control what happens to you, but you can dictate how you react. Negative emotions are a sure way to keep yourself vibrating at a reduced level. Shift your focus to more positive emotions and watch your words.

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18. You have limited faith.

You are who you believe you are. We all know the power of expressing our words and beliefs. But just as you can only realize your deepest desires by believing, you can also bring in bad energy by holding on to unhelpful beliefs, so let them go.

19. Your love for yourself is non-existent.

Before you can love anyone else, you must first love yourself with reckless abandon. If you are sure of yourself and confident, nothing outside of you has the power to break you down. Nourish yourself, take care of your needs and be your own best friend.

20. You are unable to detach.

Detachment from the outcome can save you a lot of stress and heartache. Once you set your sights on a goal, do what it takes to make it happen, then trust the process.

You should be in a “flow” state where you create, manifest and allow magic. You believe the universe will deliver and express no attachment to the outcome because what is meant to be, will be.

21. You are unable to forgive.

It is said that forgiveness is more about the person forgiving than the person who needs to be forgiven. Carrying a grudge around can stunt your growth and block any blessings that might come your way. Give yourself the gift of letting go of the burden of hate and anger because it is no longer yours to carry.

22. You don’t take time to clear your mind.

When we were children and our emotions got the best of us, we were given a time-out. This gave us time to process our thoughts and come up with a better response. As adults, we still need time.

But now, that time should be spent doing something we enjoy and freeing ourselves from responsibilities and work. Doing this will clear your mind and allow you to refocus on the good.

23. Your environment is chaotic.

Not only is keeping a clean space good for your health, it can also remove some of the negativity within you. Decluttering your environment removes negative energy so that positivity flows more freely into your space and body.

24. You have addictive behaviors.

Addiction can manifest as drug use, drinking, smoking, overeating, or excessive screen time, all of which will drain your energy to the max. Cutting out habits that are harmful to your health and well-being goes a long way toward raising your vibrational energy.

25. You have a pessimistic attitude.

No one is worse than a pessimist, even if you are. Allowing fear, anxiety and anger to take over your mind is a surefire way to lower your vibrational energy. Stop feeding your negativity and focus on thoughts that make you better, not bitter.

26. Your fear holds you back.

Being afraid is part of life, but it shouldn’t be the basis of life decisions. Fear can be paralyzing, preventing you from acting in critical situations. If you realize that fear is perfectly normal, feel it and let it go without holding on to it.

27. You are ignoring signs from the universe.

If you accept it, the universe will tell you when you are on the wrong path, send messages and even test you. It is important to believe that all things are working for you and for the greater good and that despite what you think, divine timing is always in play and should be accepted.

Now that you know what causes your vibration to go down, implement exercises that lift you up. Get outside, do things you love, be grateful, eat right, exercise and most importantly put yourself first. Fill your glass before even trying to pour into someone else’s cup.

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NyRee Ausler is a Seattle, Washington-based writer and author of seven books. She covers lifestyle and entertainment and news, as well as navigating workplace and social issues.



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