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About Us

Foodietummy is a community of food lovers and influencers who celebrate the awesomeness of food. Whether you’re looking for some amazing recipes, reviews on some of the best places to eat in town or just some pro tips and tricks on cooking, you’ll find it all here. We visit star properties and restaurants to get a taste of their food, service and ambiance, and share our honest experience so that you can have a glimpse on what the place offers.

The recipes you’ll find here range from fun and unfussy to a little more involved, but ultimately, they’re all delicious. From simple appetizers and beverages to complete entrees and desserts, we scan the internet for the best and share them with you here.


We are all common folk and not strict critics. We experience the venue as a regular customer. And so our reviews match the mindset of all people. Or at least most of them :p.

M. Hassan Khan | Manager + Taste Expert

M. Asim Khan | Blogger + Content Developer

M. Zaki | Photographer

Our professions are different, but we all enjoy the same universal experience that is food with the same love. Some of us may excel in looking for the creativity and presentation of the dish, while others in understanding the ingredients. And all of us together, we share the taste and overall experience with the world.


We are 20k+ strong on social media and Zomato, and still growing, increasing our audience and thereby the customer potential of the various restaurants we visit. If you’re interested to offer us the experience of your fabulous restaurant, or want to collaborate with us on sharing your recipes, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Contact: (+91) 89773 93509   |   foodietummy@gmail.com

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